HOUSTON – You've probably heard of the tiny house movement, but there's another tiny trend coming to Houston.

The Ivy Lofts on Leeland Street in East Houston are set to break ground this fall.

"It's really meant for someone who is living a fast pace but simplified life," said Jeff Franklin, the lead sales director. "We only have millennials 25-35 spending approximately three waking hours a day in their residence."

One of the units, called the Tokyo is only 306 square feet.

"After living in the New York City area for about two years, the small scale living was actually really feasible," said Jon Weintraub, who purchased one of the units. "I like the small living, I like the downtown views and I don't want to be throwing away money on rent."

As a young working single guy, he jumped at the opportunity to get in.

"Town homes in the Montrose, Midtown, Heights area, we're completely priced out of now," Weintraub said.

This isn't the only project going up. It seems like every corner you turn, there's more construction. It's all part of the changing face of east downtown.

"It will revitalize this side of town for sure, it will bring a lot more people to the area," said Charlie McDaniel, who owns Cuchara in Montrose. "It's less expensive to maintain, less expensive to furnish."

If you're wondering about privacy, there are panels that close the room off into a one-bedroom living space, Franklin said.

For dinner, there's an expandable table that folds out.

But there was no compromising on bathrooms.

"We can adapt to small living spaces, but for whatever reason, psychological, we don't like small bathrooms," Franklin said.

There are bigger units available at the Ivy Lofts as well. For more information, click here.

"Smaller can be better. If you do it right, you do it smart, you're going to save a lot of money on your monthly bills and you realize you’re going to be really comfortable in the small space," said Weintraub.