FORT BEND COUNTY -- A couple in Rosenberg is questioning the actions of a Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office employee.

Chrysamber Davidson recorded a confrontation outside her family member’s house in Pecan Grove that shows a woman wearing a badge outside Davidson’s car saying, “I didn’t call you an idiot. I said you’re driving like an idiot.” Then the woman tears the temporary license plate off the car.

You later see Davidson holding the plate saying, “she says it’s expired. It clearly says July 4, 2016.” Then the woman drives away.

Now the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Sheriff Troy Nehls said the woman in the video is a detective and used to work patrol.

“She scared the heck out of my child. My child was in fear, he didn’t know what was going to happen – if his dad was going to go to jail or if she was going to hurt him,” Davidson said.

The couple explained why they believe they were confronted.

“She said that I was speeding and that I ran a stop sign. That wasn’t true,” said Angel Barcenas.

Even so, they said that doesn’t excuse the woman’s actions.

“I was really disappointed that someone from such a respected area would even do something like that. I expect more out of the officials, you know,” Davidson said.

The couple hopes the woman is disciplined. They’d also like an apology.

A spokesperson for the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said the employee in question could not comment on what happened because the investigation is ongoing.