As more women come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against powerful men, many Houston-area businesses are examining their own policies.

Jamie Belinne is the Assistant Dean for Career Services at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business.

“I think this will bring a shift in many organizations where they realize this is something you need to talk about openly and honestly. You can’t wait until there’s a crisis to deal with it,” she said.

She believes the recent scandals are a learning opportunity. More than 200 UH students go on to take jobs in HR and management every year.

“We teach all our business students, not just our HR students, about the importance of not only good corporate policies, but good personal policies in your own behavior for how to be a professional,” Belinne said.

The educator says a lot of big companies have already developed strict policies to identify and discourage inappropriate behavior.

Meanwhile, those who haven’t, may want to soon.

“Many other companies need to get on board, and I think the visibility we’ve had for these issues will cause people to think differently about this problem and start to take it seriously, so they can establish policies and procedures to make sure we minimize these issues,” said Belinne.