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California senior completes 2,353 days of school with perfect attendance

18-year-old Lindsey Frost did not miss a single day of school in 13 years.

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Imagine attending thirteen years of school with perfect attendance. In this Zevely Zone, I met the Ironwoman of students at San Marcos High School

I want to run a number by you; 2,353 days of school without missing a single class. "Thirteen years in the making," said 18-year-old Lindsey Frost.  She is a senior at San Marcos High School who has never missed a day of school. 

As a young student, Lindsey was surprised to learn they'd give you an award just for showing up. "In kindergarten I got the perfect attendance award first and I really liked the idea of it just because all you had to do was show up to get it," said Lindsey.

Credit: CBS 8

First, second, third, fourth and fifth grades followed without missing a single day. "Then I thought to myself it would be a neat story to tell my kids one day that I was able to do it every year throughout high school," said Lindsey. I stopped the interview to ask. "Wait hold on, you were ten years old and thinking this was something you would tell your children someday?' I asked.  "Yes!!" laughed Lindsey.  

Credit: Lindsey Frost

"It is very rare," said San Marcos High School Principal Adam Dawson who says who wouldn't hire ironwoman like Lindsey. "What employer doesn't want someone who is there every day?" said Mr. Dawson. Lindsey is also a stand-out student with 4.31 GPA. "She is an impressive student and having her in class was really a joy," said Tara Razi who was Lindsey's U.S. History teacher last year during virtual learning. "Throw in a pandemic on that, and online learning on that and Lindsey taking classes at the same time at the college," said Ms. Razi.  

Credit: CBS 8

Did we mention Lindsey also completed five college courses without a single sick day? What do people say when they hear about her streak? "They are mostly kind of shocked. They are kind of like whoa!!" said Lindsey. 

During our interview, Congressman Scott Peters was touring the school. He had to shake the hand of a student who never missed a day of school in 13 years.

Credit: Lindsey Frost

A streak like that has upper office written all over it. "I was pretty good at school, but I can't imagine being there every day, that is pretty impressive," said Congressman Scott Peters.

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"She loves learning," said Lindsey's mother Alison who is a software engineer. Lindsey's dad Tom works in employee benefits. "Would you hire your daughter?" I asked.  Tom responded, "In a heartbeat." Maybe because they know their daughter's secret to success. "She is very creative about her alarms. She sets a couple in the morning," said Alison.  

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Lindsey will graduate in a few days from high school and then it is off to college. "I am going to Rice University," she told me.  I asked her if she will miss any days of school at Rice? "Um, probably not," said Lindsey with a laugh. Something tells me,  Lindsey Frost is just getting warmed up. "Well, I am not going to be absent. ha, ha, ha," she said.  

Lindsey plans on double majoring at Rice University by studying math and film.

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