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‘It infuriates me’: Texas concertgoers are seeking more than $1 million in lawsuits

Several people have filed lawsuits against rappers Travis Scott, Drake and others connected to the event.

SAN ANTONIO — One week after tragedy at the Astroworld Festival left nine people dead, several lawsuits have already been filed.

Former prosecutors and Cesar Ornelas Law held a news conference Friday to make an announcement about the lawsuits.

Attorneys JonCarlos Serna and Angela Tabares of Cesar Ornelas Law announced filing lawsuits for four people who were at the concert. Tabares said four additional will file at a later time.

Keith Davis, Renee Ramirez and Derek Morales are seeking over $1 million each from rappers Travis Scott and Drake the rapper, as well as 11 other entities connected to the event.

"If you care at all about your fans, please make a safe concert," Serna said. "That was not done here. Lives could have been saved. It infuriates me."

Hector Pescador from Laredo said on his drive to the concert he played Scott and other musicians in anticipation of the show. The 28-year-old concertgoer said he saw multiple dead victims at the event. 

"I saw a total of three people that were already passed away. The last person was the worst one," Pescador said. "There a man thrown on the floor who was already blue."

The father of two said the security at the event was lacking and the crowd swell became deadly.

"The current thought in my head is 'How did I make it out?'" said Pescador. "That's what keeps me up at night."

He is asking for over $1 million in damages as well. Cesar Ornelas Law expects more information and videos to come in as their legal investigation continues. 

The law firm said proper procedures should have been in place to prevent injuries and people getting trampled.

"I understand how people want to say everybody is equally liable because people are pushing forward," Tabares said. "Unfortunately, that's what happens at concerts---and it's the people in charge that are in charge that are supposed to make sure that it doesn't get to this type of level where it's mayhem and people are being squished and trampled to death."

This comes after Thomas J. Henry announced he would be representing several victims from the music festival.

The Astroworld death toll now stands at nine. Bharti Shahani, a Texas A&M senior, has been declared dead, her family announced Thursday.

Her family said she was a first-generation American who would have completed her computer science degree. The Astroworld Festival was her first concert.

Shahani had been in critical condition after she was trampled at the event.

Serna and Tabares also said this incident was a failure on Scott, Drake and Live Nation. 

"Lives could have been saved," they said.

Scott released another statement Thursday saying he is distraught by the situation and desperately wishes to share his condolences and provide aid as soon as possible.


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