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Investigators find no evidence of threats amid rumors at Needville High

Fort Bend County Sheriff's investigators interviewed students, found 'no evidence' and 'no means to carry out' threats.
Credit: KHOU
File picture of Needville High School

NEEDVILLE, Texas — Parents of students in the Needville Independent School District have spent the better part of the week on edge.

According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, rumors that started Tuesday claimed a student at the town's high school was going to carry out an "unspecified threat."

Sheriff's investigators were at the school on Thursday. Deputies questioned several students, including the one who supposedly made the threats. In a post on its Facebook page Friday night the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office says it found "no evidence of actual threats" or "means for the students to carry out any threats."

Needville ISD Parents: On Thursday we were contacted by NISD PD reg... arding threats allegedly being made by a student. We learned the threats were initially made on Tuesday and the school administered discipline. A Detective was sent out Thursday and interviewed several students as well as the one who was supposedly making threats.

According to Major Chad Norvell, the sheriff's office urged the Needville ISD to alert parents of the rumors and the deputies investigation. Major Norvell said when the school district didn't, the sheriff's office did.

Deputies haven't identified the student involved in its investigation but say the school did take disciplinary action. The student hasn't been charged with a crime, but investigators have turned their case over to the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office.

Credit: Google Earth
Google Earth overview of the Needville High School campus

KHOU 11 reached out to the Needville ISD superintendent for a comment. We are waiting to hear back. 


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