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Caught on camera: Man jumps on woman's car, breaks windshield in alleged fit of road rage

The woman says a man followed her on I-10 for miles and later broke her front windshield.

HOUSTON — Road rage is an issue happening all too often on our Houston highways.

Brittnay Wilson said a man recently followed her on I-10 for miles and later broke her front windshield. Now, she wants that man to be held accountable for his actions.

"It's still surreal," Wilson said.

Part of the incident was caught on video.

"He started yelling at me. I started yelling back. He spit on me and that’s when the video starts and us fighting," she said.

Wilson, a specialist in the Army, was on her way to drill class on Friday when the incident happened. She said it started when she merged from Highway 288 to I-45.

"I merged in front of him, and he got very angry," Wilson said.

She said the man rolled down his window and called her names. He then followed her onto I-10, and as she exited at Taylor Street, "I thought I lost him, but no, he pulled back on the side of me and got out of the car."

When this all unfolded, Wilson said she was in fight-or-flight mode. She managed to grab a wine bottle out of the man's passenger seat to protect herself.

"I went into his car and grabbed whatever I could find,” she said.

That's when the man came back for more, jumping on her car and breaking her front windshield.

"At this point, I put my head down because glass came all in my face," Wilson said. "It was really thick, the whole windshield was caved in it.

A witness called police, but Wilson said the driver took off before officers arrived.

"I wouldn't do it again, get out of the car again, but I’m happy that I did because women ... we don’t fight back, we don't," she said.

Houston police are investigating the incident and are currently looking for the driver. They say he could face charges.

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