HOUSTON — We’re changing gears and taking you on a ride on board the Pedal Party! You’ll definitely want to take spin on this ride.

It’s a unique spin on a bicycle – this trolley-like – party bike – goes about 5 mph and fits up to 16 people. And it’s completely powered by folks pedaling.

Often used to bar crawl – or take in the city – each ride lasts about two hours and is led by a captain, who works to keep you safe on time and entertained.

And as you pedal your way around town – you can have a drink. Just remember it’s BYOB.

“... People honk, wave, take pictures – everyone wants to join the celebration...!” Nate, manager Pedal Party, said.

From Midtown to Montrose, Pedal Party offers six different routes you can choose from.

"We make about three stops... at a popular bar or restaurant,” Nate said.

So how much does this sweet ride cost you?

A private party is about $350 or you can go with the mixer option and pay $35 (per person) that way you can mingle with some “new friends.”

So if you’re looking to change gears and try something new, this is one ride you definitely one to come along on.