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Moody Center offers exploration of Urban Nights

The free Nov. 5 event will feature a number of performances, as well as tastings of a commissioned art beer.

HOUSTON — There is a lot going on in Houston this weekend, including a little thing called the World Series. But if you’re more of an arts person than a sports person, you might want to check out Urban Nights at Rice University.

The idea started with the exhibition currently on display at the Moody Center for the Arts: Urban Impressions.

"Thinking about how a city is made, how the visual and performing arts are so important to city life, to urban life," explained Frauke Josenhans, the center's curator.

The artists featured come from all over the world, including Houston.

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"I hope that the exhibition inspires an overall awareness of what makes a city," Josenhans said. "It’s not only what’s in front of our eyes, but everything around us, underneath us, above us, everything that’s around us."

The pieces will get new life during Urban Nights on Saturday, Nov. 5, when performance artists such as Jalen Baker, Lupe Mendez, Break Free Worldwide and Lil' Flip are added to the mix.

"They’re going to perform in different locations on campus, activating the buildings or the public artworks near them," said Josenhans.

That’s not all that’s on tap.

"We partnered with an amazing artist from Nigeria, Emeka Ogboh, who lives and works currently in Berlin, Germany," Josenhans shared. "He created an art beer for us called Japa."

He did so by asking Houstonians of Nigerian descent how they would describe the flavor of Houston.

"There came so many beautiful and diverse responses and all of that helped the artist create this concept for the beer," said Josenhans, adding that the beer was brewed locally by Astral Brewing.

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Trying it is one of many experiences you can only get at Urban Nights.

"All these different performances that really connect to this idea that the city is a place of encounters with others, but also with art, with performances, so helping us to understand the city in a different way," Josenhans said.

For more information about the free event, click here.

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