While many homeowners are focused on ripping out drywall and cleaning out their houses in the aftermath of Harvey, some neighborhoods in west Houston are still underwater.

It's been two weeks since people woke up to find their homes and streets completely flooded, and for neighbors on Clear Spring Drive that is still the case.

"This is like going to a funeral every day," resident Hal Lynde said about returning to the flooded homes every day.

They have a boat launch for people to row back to their homes. Cars can still be seen submerged in the water.

Many in the neighborhood feel like they are behind the curve compared to the rest of Houston. Some haven't even been back to work yet.

“I hadn't been emotional at all,” said Doug Hall, a resident. “But when you see people coming, acknowledging that yeah we see what's happening … you start realizing that a lot of people care and a lot of people want to help. It's kind of humbling."

A lot of residents whose homes have dried out say they will be spending their Saturday inside removing dry wall and furniture to start the long road to recovery.

And with Hurricane Irma barreling toward Florida, some worry about the nation's attention and relief dollars being divided between two storms.

"The national news isn't going to be here anymore. The dollars are going to be coming here anymore," Lynde said.