Collision reports collected by a Houston lawyer label two Houston intersections as the most dangerous and deadliest.

The study reveals more than 80 Houston intersections with 40 or more collisions between 2012 and 2015. Bissonnet Street and Sam Houston Parkway is Texas’ most dangerous, racking up more than 300 accidents injuring about 250 people.

“I’ve seen many wrecks up here before,” said Houston resident Carl Kinnard, who drives through the intersection several times a month. “People drive so crazy, especially before they get to the light.”

Brian White, a Houston attorney, sifted through the Texas Department of Transportation’s own accident data, revealing the most dangerous and deadliest intersections between 2012 and 2015 are in Houston.

“We saw there was an increase in wrecks,” White said. “I don’t know who else would see that as much as me, because I’m a car wreck lawyer. I just wanted a gauge on exactly how much the risk has gone up.”

Three people died in four years at Bammel North Houston Road and Sam Houston Parkway, making it the deadliest intersection in Texas. In the same time frame, there were 335 crashes at Bissonnet Street and Sam Houston Parkway -- 263 of them injury accidents, earning this intersection the most dangerous moniker.

“We were motivated actually by putting this out there just to let people know what parts of town is there a higher risk of harm,” White said.

Kinnard said the warning is enough to detour around certain intersections.

“People getting killed every day, not paying attention to what they’re doing,” he said.

White’s accident report fails to find out what’s making these intersections so dangerous and deadly.

While the report doesn’t point out what’s causing these accidents, they do have something in common. They’re both feeder lanes running alongside toll roads.

Top 10 most dangerous intersections in Houston:

  1. Bissonnet Street at Sam Houston Parkway

  2. Hardy Road at Sam Houston Parkway

  3. Sam Houston Parkway at Westheimer Road

  4. Main Street at South Loop

  5. Greens Road at I-45

  6. Main Street at Sam Houston Parkway

  7. Beechnut Street at Sam Houston Parkway

  8. Sam Houston Parkway at Westpark Tollway

  9. Hammerly Boulevard at Sam Houston Parkway

  10. I-45 at Sam Houston Parkway

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