HOUSTON — A Navy veteran forgotten after Harvey thought the cavalry came when a contractor volunteered to fix his house.

But that contractor is now accused of not paying his workers.

The vet’s house sits unrepaired nearly a year and a half after the flood.

“I think it’s shady,” said veteran Pat Brady.

A charitable group working through his church is finally helping Brady repair the home that got nearly four feet of water during Harvey.

“They’ve had some plumbers and electricians out,” Brady said.

We first met Brady last summer as we profiled folks feeling forgotten after Harvey.

A contractor who initially offered his services for free proved to be another hurdle.

“The way that one of the employees talked about it was like they were surprised he was volunteering to do this for free,” Brady said. “Because he had so many jobs that he owed people on, so many jobs he hadn’t finished.”

This week, 35 year-old contractor Benjamin Wood was charged with passing a bad check. KHOU 11 News learned he’s either been charged or is under investigation for similar crimes in both Harris and Montgomery counties.

“I hope he’s prosecuted,” said subcontractor Eduardo Perez.

Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood

Perez claims Wood passed a series of bad checks to him. He filed a police report and provided copies of the allegedly bogus checks.

“And for us, you know, it’s a hard pill to swallow, because we have a responsibility to our guys, and we have bills to pay, too,” Perez said.

Unscrupulous contractors flooded the market after Harvey. Mr. Brady is grateful he only lost time.

“I did think he was sincere at first,” Brady said.

He’s sorry workers may have lost hard-earned money.