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College Station community salutes Bush 41 as he is laid to rest

Jets flew the country's largest-ever missing man formation over President George Herbert Walker Bush's funeral procession as thousands saluted Bush 41 in College Station Thursday.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Jets flew the country’s largest-ever missing man formation over President George H.W. Bush’s funeral procession in College Station Thursday.

1,600 members of the oldest, largest student organization in Texas, the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, saluted Bush 41’s hearse. It represented both a goodbye and welcome to the president’s resting place on campus where his legacy lives.

“(He was) somebody who dedicated basically (his) entire life to our country,” said Adam Buckley, Commander of the Corps of Cadets. “That’s the example we want to follow.”

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Thousands followed Bush 41’s funeral train, too. They stood along train tracks from Spring to College Station and paid respects.

One group of Texas A&M students hand-painted “41” on a banner then draped it along with Old Glory over the second story balcony of a home they rent on Wellborn Road. Jeb Bush, Jr. posted a photo of it on Facebook.

“Oh my goodness, that’s crazy,” said Connor Harwell, an A&M sophomore. “It’s just really cool they noticed us, and we’re just a bunch of college kids.”

“Today’s a big part of history and a memorable moment,” said Lindsey Oiuzzo, another A&M sophomore. “To be a part of that and see that and be able to honor the (Bush) family is just really cool. I’m really proud.”

Pride in Bush 41, his wish to be buried at the library complex with Barbara and daughter Robin makes visiting the grave as soon as possible a priority for Burke Wofford.

“There’s not that many universities in America that have presidential libraries, and I just think it’s cool that Bush, for one, chose Texas A&M,” Wofford said.

The gravesite will be open to the public as soon as Saturday if weather permits. There is a chance for storms. Either way, rain hardly washes away memories of the day.