SEALY, Texas - The National Weather Service says a rare microburst is to blame for the damage in Sealy during Tuesday night's storms.

Many thought that the damage was caused by a tornado but NWS says that microbursts can produce similarly strong winds, reaching up to 100 miles per hour.

Mike Fisher says he and his son are lucky to be alive - they were at home when the storm hit. Fisher said the sky turned black and that hail started to fall.

Sealy cleaning up following rare microburst

"They say an old wives' tail about a tornado sounding like a train, we didn't hear no train, all we heard was some loud hail hitting, of course all the windows blew out in got pretty rough after that," said Fisher.

No fatalities were reported. However, about a dozen people had to be treated for minor injuries.

CenterPoint crews are working to get power restored but 2,400 people are without power. The damage is so bad that CenterPoint says it could take two to three days before everyone in Sealy gets their lights back on.

Sealy ISD has canceled school for Thursday, which would have been the last day of classes. The graduation ceremony at the high school will go on as scheduled.