HOUSTON - Children heading back to school got a helping hand from a Houston rapper on Sunday, as Paul Wall's annual back to school party went off without a hitch.

The event which featured music, fun, games and supplies, was almost canceled before it ever began.

Last week, Wall posted messages on Facebook accusing the city of demanding he pay nearly $10,000 for special permits to stage the event in the 4th Ward's Wiley Park.

"I didn't really want to put a spotlight on the problems we were having," said Wall. "I just wanted to work through them but we kind of had our back to the wall."

But the city did eventually agree to help the artist put on the annual gathering. Extra law enforcement was brought in to alleviate any security concerns.

And Mayor Parker also named August 16th as "Paul Wall Day" in Houston. A city comptroller, Ronald Green, issued the proclamation on Sunday.

Parents who attended the event seemed pleased that it was allowed to proceed.

"I think it's wonderful because Paul Wall is giving out to the community," said Cheetara Devle. "He's giving supplies out and everyone is with one another and it's fun and enjoyable."

Thirteen-year-old Walter Frederick said kids like him felt inspired.

"It gives us hope that other people care about us and we don't have to just give up and think that we might as well just go in the streets," said Frederick.