High school football is steeped in tradition, from the players to the band to the cheerleaders. The ladies of Cinco Ranch cheer are putting in work long before game day.

Every Monday, the squad gathers in the school’s dance gym. They’re not there to practice; they’re there to paint run-through signs for upcoming games.

“We roll out all the paper [in the hallway], we mark it on the ground,” explains co-captain Caroline Green. “It’s four panels tall, so it’s super huge.”

Once the panels are laid down, a team of girls tapes them together in an intricate process. The paper then gets rolled up and moved into the gym, where the design process starts.

“Usually, it’s either me or Caroline who writes out the letters for whatever we’re saying, whoever we’re playing that week,” says co-captain Hadley Flessner.

What goes on the signs has been decided for months, outlined at the start of the year. When I catch up with them, they’re working on a sign for the matchup against Taylor High School. It reads “Sorry, Taylor, camo can’t disguise a loss.”

“Some of them, we find on Pinterest. Some of them, we think of them ourselves,” Green says.


The signs can take anywhere from one afternoon to several, depending on the final touches needed, according to varsity coach Loren Williamson.

“It’s worth it. The time is worth it. The players love it,” says Williamson.

Those hours of work get obliterated in seconds, but the cheer squad doesn’t mind.

“You don’t really have time to think ‘Oh, no, there goes our sign,’” laughs Green.

“I think it’s so exciting,” adds Flessner. “I just love seeing our artwork up there and all the fans love it.”

Just two days after watching their last piece of art get destroyed, they head back to the gym and start work on the next one.

“It’s a big team effort. The whole team takes part in it,” Green says.

It’s another layer of tradition added to Friday night football at Cinco Ranch.