A few Houston psychics are weighing in on what they believe will be the outcome of the World Series.

Most psychics contacted by KHOU 11 News did not want to share their forecasts.

Claire Shepard is a native Houstonian and has been an astrologer and clairvoyant for 26 years.

She says she does not normally make predictions on sports but was willing to see what her intuition revealed when asked about the outcome of the series for the Astros.

According to Shepard, it is not good.

"I have no batting average with sports, but I can just play with my intuition,” Shepard said. “My intuition tells me that the Dodgers are going to take it. That's what what I'm getting.”

Shepard said her intuition tells her the Dodgers will win Wednesday night's second game of the series in Los Angeles.

She says she believes the Astros will win on Friday back at home in Houston.

Not all clairvoyants agree.

One other Houston psychic contacted by KHOU 11 News says that she is forecasting a series win for the Astros.