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Hundreds turn out at Forsyth County civil rights protest

Rumored threats of White Nationalist counter-protest apparently did not materialize.

CUMMING, Ga. — According to updated estimates from Forsyth County authorities, up to 900 people showed up at the county courthouse complex in Cumming for a civil rights protest. 

Earlier estimates from the sheriff's office indicated about 500 people were on hand.

The multi-racial crowd held signs and chanted, while cars honked cars in support of the crowd. 

A rumored counter-protest by White Nationalist groups or the Ku Klux Klan apparently did not materialize. 

Forsyth County has had a checkered history when it comes to civil rights.

It was understood for many years that no African American residents lived in the county.

According to US Census Bureau figures, the actual number of black residents in Forsyth County, as late as 1980, was only one. In 1980, Forsyth County's total population, according to the Census Bureau, was 27,958.

In comparison, estimates from the Census Bureau in 2019, place the population of Forsyth County at just short of ten times that figure -- about 245,000. About 2.6 percent of the population of the county is African American, based on the 2019 Census Bureau estimates.


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