HOUSTON – Protesters who are not happy with President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court will be working to pressure U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Tuesday.

The president announced his second nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, Monday night. He's a federal appeals judge who clerked for the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

A lot of people, are not happy with the president's pick, and it's already sparking protests.

Here in Houston, protesters are expected to show up just before noon outside Cruz’s office downtown.

For an hour, they’ll be working to put pressure on the senator to go against the president’s nominee. But he has already said in a statement that he’s in full support.

So who is Judge Kavanaugh?

  • He’s 53-years old.
  • He and his wife, Ashley, have two daughters, who we saw standing by his side at the White House Monday night.
  • He graduated from Yale University and Yale Law School.
  • He has served as a judge on the D.C. Circuit since 2006.

The protest expected later Tuesday morning in front of Cruz’s office is timely. Kavanaugh starts meeting with senators Tuesday.

And he’s got quite a bit to overcome during the confirmation process having to face a bitterly divided Senate.