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Protecting pipes prevents problems from popping up during cold snap

“I’d rather spend $5 on insulation then $500 on repairs,” Carter said.

HOUSTON, Texas — This first blast of winter weather serves as a reminder that it gets downright freezing in Houston.

As the cold weather sets in, it’s time to once again safeguard your home against the frigid temperatures.

The last thing homeowners want to worry about is going home to a costly headache.

It’s the time of year when Keith Carter with Village Plumbing sees a spike in work.

“You’re trying to find a way to keep money from leaving the household during the freeze,” Carter said.

Arctic outbreak: Freeze warning issued for Houston area

As chilly weather invades the Houston area Carter said it’s time to be proactive.

“Anything that has water to it, you need to protect it and be insulated someway, somehow,” Carter said.

He said homeowners should protect any pipe that is exposed to the elements.

“You have a stick of insulation where it heats from the inside of it and it sticks to itself,” he said. “I use duct tape just to make sure it’s secured to the pipe and doesn’t come off.”

Also, Carter said it doesn’t have to be cold for long periods of time for pipes to burst.

“It can take one day. It can take 12 hours. It could take six hours, just a dead drop freeze. When it comes to freezing and winter, when winter comes, freezing comes. When freezing comes, comes problems. Pipes burst,” he said.

Carter said things around the house will also do the trick like towels, plastic bags and tape.

He said doing nothing at all can cost you more in the long run.

“I’d rather spend $5 on insulation then $500 on repairs,” Carter said.

Inside your home, there are things you can do as well to stop pipes from freezing like having a drip and opening up cabinet doors.

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