The Clear Lake dentist convicted of running over her husband 15 years ago while he was having a rendezvous with his mistress at the Clear Lake Hilton Hotel has been paroled.

Clara Harris was filmed running over her husband, orthodontist David Harris, in her Mercedes-Benz multiple times by the private investigator she hired to track her cheating husband in 2002.

"The video shows the truth, and it was the only thing that was able to get justice for David Harris," said Blue Moon Investigations president Bobbi Bacha. “(Clara Harris) proceeds to start doing doughnuts over the body, and the body has tire marks all over it. Little Lindsay (David Harris’ daughter) is using her little foot to try to stop the car. She’s 17 years old, saying, ‘You’re killing my daddy,’ sticking her foot out of the car trying to stop this Mercedes that's killing her father."

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The case became the legend of a woman scorned with countless news stories and was even turned into a made-for-TV movie. Actress Sela Ward played private investigator Bacha.

"David grabbed Clara by the face and put her to the floor and said, 'It's over,’” Bacha said. “He said it in front of everyone in the hotel, and it totally indignified Clara, because Clara thought David would go home with her, but he picked the other woman and totally indignified his wife."

At that point, Bacha says she believes Clara Harris snapped.

"I wanted to kill my husband when I found out he was cheating,” Bacha said. “It’s like the first thing that goes in your mind, and then your conscience kicks in, and you're like, ‘How could I ever think like that?’ I don't think Clara has that type of stopping mechanism in her mind."

Regardless of what happened 15 years ago, Bacha says she feels Clara Harris has done her time.

"I think she's paid her time,” Bacha said. “I think that you know, she snapped, and I’m hoping she's remorseful for what she's done. I know her children’s life has been changed forever and her life has been changed forever. If she goes forward and doesn't look for revenge, she's going to have a beautiful life."