GALVESTON, Texas -- Folks in Galveston are reporting power outages as heavy rain and strong winds continue to pelt the island.

Crews have been working to restore power to residents there. Officials are expected a 2 to 4 foot storm surge from Hurricane Harvey.

As of Friday evening, island transit has suspended services and the ferry has stopped running. All city facilities will be closed until Wednesday.

Residents determined to ride out the storm packed stores to stock up on supplies. But even longtime islanders who normally shrug off storms are watching Harvey closely.

"When they're talking about 18 inches, if it gets up that high, I'm concerned because I can see maybe for the first time it'll get into my house, which I'm not looking forward to,” said homeowner Tim Horton.

Nearby on the Bolivar Peninsula, the Galveston County judge issued a a voluntary evacuation for residents on Bolivar Peninsula effective Friday at 8 a.m.

The order includes the unincorporated areas of Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, High Island and Gilchrist. Residents who rely on medical assistance or those who cannot go without power for an extended period of time are encouraged to leave.

Just down the coastline in Brazoria County, some are being ordered to leave. A mandatory evacuation order was put in place for residents in the county. In total, about 4,000 people are under the order.

Surfside Beach, Quintana and Treasure Island are in the zone.

"It's the low lying areas along the coast and coming inland a little bit where there's subjected to a storm surge," said Matt Sebesta, the Brazoria County judge.

Officials expect a storm surge of between 6 and 10 feet - something they believe could flood streets and possibly homes.