HOUSTON - A group of Houston Little Leaguers are packing their bags, ready to take home the World Series Championship in Pennsylvania.

Post Oak Little League won its bid to the tournament Wednesday. In its 62 years of strikeouts and steals, it’s something the team hasn't done, well, ever.

“We all thought we could make it, but it’s still shocking to make it to Williamsport,” Kaleb Rook said.

Kaleb Rook, 13, and and 12-year-old Carter Pitts always knew they had what it takes.

“It still hasn’t all hit me, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts," Carter said. "We’ve been playing together since we were little, first year, pee-wees, and we knew we had something special.”

But today, they’re seeing those summers finally pay off.

“They were playing baseball when they got out of school, and they’ll be playing baseball when most of the school starts here in Houston," said team manager David Rook.

It's a team of 13 boys.

“We’re all such good friends. We all care about each other," Kaleb said.

Little League teammates turned lifelong friends.

“For me, it’s a once in a lifetime team," instructor Mark Quinn said. “The chemistry we have is unmatched. I’ve never had a team this tight, and that’s why we are where we are.”

They're ready to take home a World Series title after they get a little advice in advance from the few who already know. They got to meet with the Astros Friday night before they took on the Seattle Mariners.

“I want to grow up, play for the Astros," Carter said.

“It’s pretty cool that they get to meet their childhood heroes, and they get to do it now versus when they’re older," Rook said.

On game day, they’ll not only listen to the Astros, they’ll look like them in a retro-inspired Astros jersey.

“I think that’s really cool. I’ve always liked those jerseys. Those have always been my favorite jerseys," Kaleb said.

Soon they’re on a plane to Pennsylvania, and win or lose, it’s a home run they’ve already hit.

“I love all the kids, but I still have a son on the team, so seeing the joy in that as a dad is really cool," Rook said.

“We’re going to go out there, give it our best. See if we can win. If we win, great, if we don’t, we tried," Kaleb said.

The team will face off against the New England region at 7 p.m. Thursday.