HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A community in the Memorial area is worried after several neighborhood cats appear to have been mutilated, then placed on front lawns.

There’s a fear that hiding somewhere in the friendly Nottingham Forest neighborhood is a person doing very dark things.

Over the past few weeks, mutilated cats have been turning up on front lawns, including Shireen Greer’s cat, Darwin.

“It’s escalating,” Greer said. “It’s convenient to say it’s coyotes, but it’s not.”

Darwin had been missing for nearly three weeks when a neighbor made a gruesome discovery on his lawn.

“Just found half of his body...so the other half was not placed there. It’s a very clean, crisp cut. It’s not an animal bite...there was no blood.”

The head of the HOA’s security says another pet cat was found three weeks ago, cut in half, on a front lawn, no blood.

“We need to all of us keep our ears and our eyes wide open,” said the head of the HOA’s security who did not want her name published.

Many residents are convinced a human is responsible.

“I’m married to a doctor, so even my husband was very, very disturbed by the picture,” the head of security said.

Mutilated cats were reported in this area in years past, too, both in 2015 and 2016.

“I just worry that it might spread to humans,” Greer said.

“This is not normal,” the head of security said. “Whoever is doing this is not normal. There is something wrong with the person.”

Harris County Precinct 5 is investigating. The county does have an animal cruelty task force where it is easy to report animal abuse anonymously at 927PAWS.org.