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Woman found safe after husband told deputies he killed her, HCSO says

The woman's husband claimed he had killed her at a northside motel, but deputies never found her body in his room.

HOUSTON — A woman was found safe after her husband, who claimed he killed her, was shot to death by deputies Thursday.

The man was killed after he pointed a gun at deputies during an incident at a motel in north Harris County, according to the sheriff’s office.

This happened at the Frontier Inn on the North Freeway near North Vista Drive.

HCSO Major Wayne Kuhlman said the man called 911 from his motel room claiming he had killed his wife. He also told the dispatcher that he had a gun and knife.

When deputies arrived at the motel, they knocked on the door to his room. Kuhlman said the man opened the door, told them he had killed his wife, and then shut the door.

The deputies found cover and the man came out of his room with a handgun, Kuhlman said. Deputies shot at the man when he pointed the gun at them, HCSO said. It was not known how many shots were fired or how many times the man was hit.

After trying to give him first aid at the scene, the man was pronounced dead. Kuhlman said deputies never found the woman the man claimed to have killed.

Kuhlman said the deputies were from the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office. One was a seven-year veteran while another was a six-year veteran. There was a third deputy with them who is a trainee.

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