HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A teen in Spring is in critical condition after accidentally shooting himself in the head.

A father says he got a call from his son Friday morning saying his friend accidentally shot himself while playing Russian roulette. Investigators would not confirm that detail, but did call the shooting an accident.

It happened around 9:30 a.m. at a home on Greenham Drive. Precinct 4 investigators initially confirmed a 15-year-old teenage boy shot himself in the head. When EMS arrived, he was bleeding and rushed to a local hospital. There was one witness, another teen.

Harris County detectives recovered the gun and issued a stern warning to parents.

"As a father myself, I would tell you to be more vigilant in your children's life. Today's social media has really put today's children out of context with real life," said Sgt. Felipe Rivera, with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators would not say where the gun came from but said that so far, everyone is cooperating in the case.

It's unclear whether the teens were already on Spring Break or supposed to be in school. A Klein I.S.D. officer was on scene.