HOUSTON - More than a dozen newborns get to brag later in life that they were born on the historic day of the 2017 eclipse and baby Bianca is one of them.

“I just feel very special,” said Nancy Argueta, Bianca’s mother. “I’m very happy because it’s a very historic day to have her today.”

Bianca came into Nancy and husband Ricardo Cruz’ world Monday morning at seven pounds, 18 inches at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital.

She was born before 5:30 Monday morning, but her parents won’t ever let her forget the special day.

“There are no words,” said Cruz. “There are no words to explain it.”

This is the couple’s second child but their first daughter. It’s certainly their first eclipse baby.

“It was a long day for me,” said Argueta. “It was 24 hours for me in labor.”

Bianca was due on August 27th, which is oddly enough Ricardo’s birthday, but on Sunday Nancy had to be rushed to the hospital to begin her labor - with Bianca deciding she wanted to come sooner.

“My first only took seven hours,” she said, referring to her son Benjamin. “I think it probably has something to do with the eclipse. I’m very superstitious so that’s why.”

Nancy said she did get to see the eclipse briefly as it passed outside her hospital window. When the next total solar eclipse hits the U.S. in 2024, Bianca will turn seven.

Mom said she’s thinking about getting her daughter a t-shirt to reminder her about the special day she was born.