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Her birthday wish has come true! Former Wednesday's Child, 12-year-old Ja'Mya has been adopted

"I feel grateful for getting out of the foster system, and I feel awesome," Ja'Mya said, with a smile on her face.

DALLAS — Are you ready for some good news? Just six months ago, WFAA brought you the story of a little girl who wanted to get adopted for her birthday.

And guess what, her birthday wish came true!

The race to find Ja'mya a forever family is over. 

Last July, Ja'Mya told WFAA all she wanted for her 12th birthday was a loving family. Not a cellphone or a video game -- just parents.

"I want to have a good life. Somebody that can love me and I love them back and stuff. Someone that can be there for me when I need it," she said during that July interview. 

Fast forward six months, and WFAA is thrilled to announce Ja'Mya has been adopted. 

She was adopted on Jan. 5, after spending almost three years in foster care.

She recorded a message for from her new home.

"I feel grateful for getting out of the foster system, and I feel awesome," she said smiling.

Ja'Mya joined a family with lots of pets. Her mom sent a picture of Ja'mya holding their dog, Maxwell.

Mom says Ja'Maya's 6th grade year is going well. She is improving in her classes and even got to perform in her first school play.

In a statement to WFAA, Ja'Mya's parents call her 'beautiful' and say she has adjusted well to becoming the baby of their family. She has older siblings and an aunt who's only 7 years old. 

Ja'Mya is 12 now, with many more birthdays ahead of her together with the people who chose her.

"I want to thank my caseworker, Miss Tamaya. And I want to say I love all the people who helped me and took care of me until I found my forever home," she said.

Below is her family's full statement:

"Ja’mya was placed in our home shortly after her Wednesday’s Child airing and was officially adopted on Jan. 5, 2022. It truly has been a blessing for our family to surround her with the love and support she needs and deserves. She is a beautiful girl and has adjusted well to becoming the baby of our family with older siblings and an aunt to a 7-year-old girl. We have several pets, and she is great with all of them and opted to change her name to reflect her new beginning. We are blessed!" 

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