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Memorial Assistance Ministries helping Texans get back on their feet

MAM has helped thousands of people over its 40 years in the community and they are now expanding with a new location in the Heights.

HOUSTON — A local organization is expanding to help reach more people in need.

Memorial Assistance Ministries, otherwise known as MAM, has opened up a new office and resale shop in the Heights.

The organization helps people who need help in the community get back on their feet, like 75-year-old Laura Love. A few months ago, Laura found herself in a difficult position.

"I was going into work one day I got a call one day that said, 'Don’t come in, I sold it, it's gone," she said.

When Laura applied for unemployment, she was denied.

"Found out someone stole my social security number was working for a company in Austin," Laura said.

Without a job, she had no way to make ends meet.

"I was just getting further and further behind on my bills and I couldn't catch my breath," Laura said.

That's when she turned to MAM. The organization not only helped pay some of her bills, but they offered her computer classes and helped build her resume. Now, they've even offered her a job.

"The opportunity to gain the skills they may have a gap in and to access work that can really provide a living wage for them and their families," MAM President and CEO Sonja Gee said.

MAM has served thousands of people over its 40 years serving the community and is now expanding with a new location in the Heights. The new location will be more than just an office, housing classrooms and a resale shop.

"This allows us to be in a more strategic position closer to the part of the community in this area we are serving," Sonja said.

"I don’t know where I would be right now without them," Laura said. "This is my life raft. MAM saved me."

You can find more information about MAM and the program it offers on its website, mamhouston.org.

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