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B.E. Blessed: The incredible story behind an 11-year-old's nonprofit that provides school supplies for hundreds of students

Baily Cowart created B.E. Blessed to level the playing field for students who would otherwise not have the school supplies they need to succeed.

CONROE, Texas — Baily Cowart is living proof that all of us hold the power to change.

Cowart, 11, is the founder of a 501c3 non-profit organization. Her organization, B.E. Blessed, provides backpacks and school supplies for Conroe ISD students who wouldn’t otherwise have a full load of supplies on the first day of school.

Baily, her parents and two friends dropped off 435 backpacks, hygiene kits and new shoes to nine different campuses. The personal deliveries are a culmination of the rising 6th-grader’s dream.

“So it really all started when we got this letter home,” Baily said about a note a teacher sent home with her when she was 5.

The teacher called on parents to share any extra clothing or school supplies.

“So I said ... they don't get their own crayons?” Bailey said. “And I said, 'How can I help?'”

When she was 5, Cowart made the decision to sell off some of her toys so she could afford to purchase a wagon full of school supplies and one backpack.

“And it just kind of grew from there," she said.

The next year, sales from an iced tea stand and donations from family and friends helped to cover all the supplies needed to fill two backpacks. The year after that, Cowart filled 40. Then 80.

“And then this year my goal was 300,” she said.

With the help of volunteers, Baily donated 435 backpacks filled with everything a child will need for school, including earbuds for Microsoft Chromebooks and reusable water bottles.

“She's pretty amazing. We're very proud,” Baily's mother, Stephanie Cowart, said. “Her dad and I always say we're kind of logistics and bookkeeping.”


Venmo - @Baily-Cowart

Paypal - www.paypal.me/bailysbackpacks

“She's come up with some great ideas,” Stephanie Cowart said. “She knew we needed better quality backpacks ... we were breaking bags.”

When Baily was 8, she received the certificate for her nonprofit organization: B.E. Blessed. The B and E stand for Baily Elizabeth. Kroger now works with her. Corporate donors are pitching in and an Amazon Wishlist helps strangers and friends to build up the little girl’s school supply storage room.

“Just because you're one person doesn't mean you can't do something.” Stephanie Cowart said. “She has a kind soul. We always kind of say she has an old soul. She really wants everybody to be on a level playing field.”

And because of that, Baily wants to grow her storage closet into a warehouse full of school supplies. She wants to turn her team of weekend warriors into full-time backpack stuffing positions.


“And then we send backpacks over to the schools," she said.

B.E. Blessed can step in where school districts can’t.

“There's always a need. There's always more school districts,” Stephanie Cowart said. “There's always other kids.”

To the hundred’s Cowart’s already helped, she said, “I really hope you have a good school year.”

A Conroe ISD 6th-grader is doing her best to make sure that happens.

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