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So frustrated by the pandemic you could just scream!?

A Houston woman's using Nextdoor to organize a weekly scream session with her neighbors

HOUSTON — Fists clinched and eyes closed, Allison Campos channeled months of frustration with this pandemic is a scream that echoed through her Fallbrook neighborhood on a Friday in July.

"I think we’re all just so completely frustrated right now," said Campos from her backyard. "I’m going to keep doing this every Friday at 5 o’clock," she said of her outdoor scream session. "Hopefully one day I will hear someone scream back."

Scream sessions are happening around the world. Iceland began promoting screaming as a option to release pent up anger, resentment or frustrations in July.

In a CBS news report, Zoë Aston, a therapist and mental health consultant, even offered screaming tips to people looking to participate. 

Some of her advice includes choosing what type of scream to use — volume, words or breath — standing with your feet hip-width apart, bending your knees slightly, relaxing your shoulders, screaming from the gut and following your instincts. 

For Campos, it's a release of emotions and way to connect with her North Houston neighbors. "I have multiple health conditions. I have not left the house in literally months, other than one hospital stay," she said. 

Campos is using Nextdoor to invite her neighbors to join her weekly scream session. 

Credit: Allison Campos

"We’re more isolated than ever before. This is just about letting our neighbors know that we’re here," said Campos of the invitation that was sparked by an internet meme of her friends shared earlier in the pandemic. "Just coming together and just screaming our frustrations out… like group therapy, except far apart."

At least one neighbor, Elle Turner, joined in. Turner sent KHOU 11 News this video of her screaming into a pillow inside her Houston home.

"I was kind of surprised that people were just really interested in the idea," said Campos. 

"We’re angry. Obviously, we’re angry at the situation. And sometimes the best thing you can do is just let it out! Get angry! Scream about it! And sometimes you feel so much better afterwards."