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Houston teens launch free tutoring service for K-8 to help their neighbors excel during the pandemic

'Sometimes having extra help is really necessary,' say the high school juniors behind Limitless Minds Houston. The free tutoring service launched in July.

HOUSTON — What a week! So many families just started the school year, online. We’re using Nextdoor to check in with parents.

KHOU 11 reporter Melissa Correa is asking: What’s your biggest frustration with online learning?

Nearly 2,000 people across the Greater Houston area have voted, so far A majority say the biggest frustration is balancing a parent’s job with their child’s classes.

Orlando S. in the Imperial Green neighborhood commented that his wife had to retire in order to help his single daughter’s two children. Orlando writes, “It’s not easy since his wife has no computer skills.” He had to change his schedule to assist.

Frustrated with online learning? Racking your brain on how you’re going to help your child with new math? Wish there were someone who could help, for free?

The answer is Limitless Minds Houston.

In July, three high school juniors launched the free tutoring service for kids in kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade.

“I think providing it for free is really helpful, because it’s not the parents' fault that this happened, or anyone’s fault right now, so you can’t really charge anyone right now,” said Monica Balakrishnan, founder of Limitless Minds Houston.

Fill out an application online at the Limitless Minds website. Jot down the days and times that work for your family and the subject that’s challenging your child.

You’ll be matched with one of 38 local high school tutors who are open to options, “like whether they want to us Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Google hangouts,” said Oceana Jin, vice president of Limitless Minds Houston.

CLICK HERE: to sign up for FREE tutoring with Limitless Minds Houston

Connect with Limitless Minds Houston:

Email: limitlessmindshouston@gmail.com

Website: http://www.limitlessmindsinc.org

Instagram: @limitlessminds.houston

Facebook: @limitlessminds2020

Phone numbers: (281) 216-5028

Limitless Minds Houston needs more tutors. The girls are using Instagram to find teens who might need to knock out some community service. They’re using Nextdoor to connect with parents who might help.

The girls do all matching of tutors and children themselves. Sessions run from 30 minutes to an hour and cover the basics, then an activity, followed by a game to make sure the lesson sticks.

“It’s been fun trying to provide help to these students,” said Madeline Hsu, president of Limitless Minds Houston.

So if you’re zonked trying to keep it all together in the middle of a pandemic, ask for help, because Limitless Minds Houston is ready to match your child with a whiz.

This story came from an idea shared on Nextdoor with KHOU 11 News Reporter Melissa Correa. To connect with Melissa on Nextdoor, click here

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