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These twins grew up in Klein ISD. Now, they're leading their own elementary schools

Charla Wilson and Carissa Rodgers are the brand-new principals of Mahaffey and Krahn Elementary Schools.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Wednesday marks the start of the new school year at Klein ISD, and it’s an extra special start for one set of twins who’ve literally made the district a home for a lifetime.

Charla Wilson and Carissa Rodgers are the brand-new principals of Mahaffey and Krahn Elementary Schools.

“This is a great year for us because it’s our first year as principals, and we’re doing it together,” Rodgers said. “We’re both first-year principals for our district that we grew up in, so we get the opportunity to lead the schools, both Mahaffey and Krahn together.”

In fact, they’ve done almost everything together. Other than the first two years of college where they attended different universities, Wilson and Rodgers have been joined at the hip. And when it was time to graduate, they knew they wanted to come right back to Klein ISD.

“That was always something we wanted,” Wilson said. “When I was student teaching, that was one of the first things I asked, can I student teach back in the district? Both of us actually student-taught in Klein, and then as soon as we could start applying for jobs, that’s where we were looking.”

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Once the twins landed those jobs, they never left. Over the last decade plus, they’ve gone from first-grade teachers, to specialists and assistant principals to now leading schools of their own.

Along the way, they’ve even found themselves working alongside some of their old teachers.

Wilson and Rodgers also know they’ll now be leading in unprecedented times, as schools still struggle to find their way out of the pandemic, and there are more questions about campus safety than ever before.

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Still, they say they’re confident about the upcoming school year.

“I think every year is going to have a different challenge,” Wilson said. “And in the role of principal there’s a lot of just having to pivot. So a lot of what we talk about is what we’re going to take on so our teachers don’t have to?”

Bearing the burden of that kind of leadership can get lonely, but that won’t be a problem for these two.

“We talk every single morning at 6:30 and check in with each other,” Rodgers said. “It’s hey, this was on our to do list, did you do this? It’s that accountability piece, but it’s also ‘I have this great idea, do you want to look into it, or someone brought this up.’ It’s that built in help and support. Someone knows exactly what I’m going through and exactly what needs to be done.”

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