HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — How does this happen?

A typo on new signs that went up along Highway 290 near Cypress.

It's supposed to say "Hempstead," but you can see the "s" and "t" are in the wrong spots.

Harris County paid about $900 for the traffic sign, and you’d better believe the contractor is fixing it for free.

TxDOT is so proud construction along 290 is moving. A handful of signs exactly like this alert you to the “Cypress Rose Hill Road” exit, except “Rosehill” is one word.

The mixup brought to TxDOT’s attention by someone on Twitter. Facebook couldn’t help but chime in.

“You had one job,” one user joked. 

Another viewer used to the error to walk us down memory lane. 

“A street I used to live on had three blocks. The street name was spelled differently each block,” the user said.

Traffic engineers confirm there’s no unanimous source for spelling. Some use road logs, others land plants.

But in the case of the new “Rose Hill Road” signs, well, the older street signs call out the error.

Traffic signs cost a pretty penny. They’re designed by people and printed off by a machine. TxDOT’s spokesperson could not tell us the cost of the sign in Cypress, but Harris County said the one in Hempstead cost nearly $900, about $90 per square foot.

Tax dollars do pay for signs, but contractors are responsible for any fixes, so you’re not paying double.


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