ONALASKA, Texas – Onalaska ISD may consider a change of leadership following comments by superintendent Lynn Redden, that some have criticized for being racist.

The comment was made on a Chron.com Facebook post about the Texans loss on Sunday to the Tennessee Titans. Frustrated with quarterback Deshaun Watson’s efforts at the end of the game, Redden said in part, ”when you need precision decision making, you can’t count on a black quarterback.”

Redden declined KHOU 11 News’ request for comment, but Saturday the school board will have the last word in a special meeting.

As the agenda reads, “there will be a personnel discussion with possible action regarding superintendent and superintendent contract.”

Redden told the Chronicle that he thought the message was private, and quickly deleted it once he realized his mistake.

It didn’t take long however for the message to be shared, by those disgusted with what was interpreted as a racist remark.

Attempting to set the record straight, Redden says he understands why some would think this was racist, but it was never his intention. Instead, Redden claims he was only referring to, “the statistical success of black NFL quarterbacks.”

There have long been stereotypes questioning the intelligence of black quarterbacks, but rarely are those opinions shared in the open. Referred to instead as unconscious bias, where you accept the stereotypes, act on them, but not exactly acknowledge any wrongdoing.

You might not say it, but some believe that if Watson was white, he could have made a better decision in the fourth quarter when the games on the line.

A stereotype you would think Hall of Fame quarterback Doug Williams and All-Pro Russell Wilson would have put to rest long ago. They are last two black quarterbacks to lead teams to Super Bowl wins.

Redden now questions his own decision making, saying he wishes he never made the post and that he hopes his students don’t see it.