HOUSTON — A family walking into their home ducked for cover as a bullet shattered a bedroom window early New Year’s Day in southwest Houston.

“The bullet went right here,” said 14-year-old Geovanni Gonzalez, who lives in the house.

He, his grandparents and cousin laid on the floor for three minutes, Gonzalez said. 

“They were going in this room but that’s when the bullet came in,” he added.  “It went through the curtains and then it went through the mirror and then it went in the wall.”

None of them was hurt.  

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Houston Police, who were outside investigating a mom shot and killed two doors down on Lazy Ridge, heard celebratory gunfire. That is what officers think hit Gonzalez’s home.

Detectives found the bullet but they're still looking for the shooter.

“I think it was all an accident,” Gonzalez said.

The teen said he's no longer afraid.  He just feels lucky.

Celebratory gunfire is blamed for the death of a Houston nurse who was lighting fireworks outside with her family when a bullet struck her. 

On the other side of town in northeast Harris County, deputies say a man was shot in the wrist by someone firing a gun to celebrate the New Year.