FORT BEND, Texas — The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office wants parents to be aware of a teen drug trend called “Robo Tripping.”

According to deputies, “Robo Tripping” involves a product called Robo Cough that is marketed as a powerful cough suppressant. Teens are apparently consuming this product only to get high, according to deputies. 

The active ingredient in Robo Cough is listed as a concentrated dose of Dextromethorpham HBr (DXM), which is also the active ingredient in most over-the-counter cough suppressants.

Robo Cough can be easily purchased through Amazon, and deputies recently discovered the product is being manufactured in Katy.  

Two Fort bend juveniles have already been hospitalized and treated after they were found unresponsive due to consuming Robo Cough along with cough suppressant pills.

The Sheriff’s Office said because the drug is legal, they want to warn parents of the dangers of taking Robo Cough incorrectly.