MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - A little boy in Montgomery County got the surprise of his life when he came home and found a gift from a local deputy constable.

Four-year-old David McCook met the law enforcement officer in his neighborhood.

“As soon as I walked by him, he was in awe with my patrol vehicle and looking me up and down,” said Montgomery County Pct. 4 Deputy Constable Eric Prado. “I told myself. I have to come back, just due to how amazed he was with me, the patrol vehicle, and the uniform itself.”

He returned to the boy’s home the next day. He left McCook a challenge coin and a note.

McCook’s mother recorded the moment he found it, then posted the video on Facebook.

“When he found it on the door. Oh my goodness he was so happy. He shows everybody the medal. He also goes to sleep with it as well,” said Dawn McCook. “Whether they’re deputies, sheriffs, or constables, they’re all here to help us. I wanted to share all the good things they’re doing.”

“It touched me. That’s the kind of stuff that we live for. We always hear the bad stuff and it was just so awesome to see how he reacted to receiving the coin,” said Prado.

Prado hopes the challenge coin will inspire the little boy to grow up and serve his community one day too.