There is a dangerous scam impacting drivers in our area.

It’s called the “Wobby Wheel Scam."

Police say suspects wave drivers off the road indicating that something is wrong with their vehicle. However, it’s really a scheme to rob the driver once they are pulled over.

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This scam has been going on for years, according to Houston police.

KHOU 11 News spoke to two young women who were targeted Tuesday night.

"They were telling me something is wrong with my tire and that I should pull over for them because he could fix it for me," Loreal San Miguel said. "Meanwhile, I was panicking. I was obviously really scared, like, what's wrong with my tire?"

Luckily, she decided to ignore the suspects and keep driving.

Several more victims have come forward since the original story aired.

So far, five women claim they have been approached by potential scammers recently. All the reports have occurred on the west side of town in Harris and Fort Bend Counties.

“They revved up to get beside me, honking their horn, flashing their lights,” said Jaime Hinrichs, who lives in Sugar Land. “I knew there was nothing wrong with my car. I had just changed the brake lights myself, so I knew they were working. I knew I didn’t have a flat. My tires were running perfectly, nothing was wobbly or anything, so I knew their intentions were no good.”

Hinrichs also decided to keep driving without pulling over.

“I just knew something wasn’t right, so I didn’t make eye contact at all. I just gunned it. I got on the freeway, and when I did, I looked in my rearview mirror, and they had pulled over on the feeder to another car and they were flashing their lights at them,” she said.

Houston Police offer some tips for those who encounter this kind of scheme:

  • Don't pull over for anyone except law enforcement
  • Call HPD's non-emergency line to report suspicious activity to the HPD Major Offender Swindle Unit
  • If you think you have an issue, pull over to a well-lit populated area and call for help.