HOUSTON – Despite playing to a sold out crowd in Houston, reactions were mixed during music icon Roger Waters concert.

Crowds packed the Toyota Center Thursday night, in anticipation of the legendary Pink Floyd front man's “Us and Them” tour.

The long-time musician has always been quite vocal about his political opinions. It can easily be seen and heard through his music.

But some Houston fans say they felt the concert crossed the line, when a portion of his show mocked President Trump.

During those moments, they say they encountered photoshopped images of President Trump's face on a pig, to black and white texts on a large screen, calling him a pig, among other things.

Some concert goers say they walked out mid show, due to the political tone, uncomfortable with the mix of music and politics.

But others say Waters’ politically charged concerts shouldn’t be a surprise, given his history.

One of those people is Cory Garcia, a Houston Press Reporter, who attended the concert both as a fan and reviewer.

“I don’t think you can claim to be a Pink Floyd fan and not know what Roger Waters political leanings are. He’s never hidden them, and he’s never been subtle at them,” said Garcia.

Garcia believes Waters concerts are meant to make you think, and you ultimately get what you want out of it.

He went on to say from his vantage point during the show, majority of the audience actually stayed for the full concert, many laughing and cheering, enjoying the full journey performance.