FREEPORT, Texas — Almost 30 years after a high school class ring was lost, it is back in the hands of its rightful owner.

But, it’s how the ring's owner is paying it forward that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Heading toward the holidays, demand grows at the Brazosport Cares Food Pantry in Freeport.

“One in five neighbors down here in southern Brazoria County are hungry or face food insecurity so it’s always a constant need," Nicole Larson, development associate for Brazosport Cares, said.

However, this Christmas the pantry’s shelves will be stocked and some families are guaranteed to have food on the table thanks to the 1988 Brazoswood High School class ring.

Missing Class Ring Food Pantry Donations

Sherry Jackson lost the ring on Bryan Beach.

“I considered it gone for good even though I would have loved to pass it on to one of my kids and now I can,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s class ring was returned to her by a stranger.

“It just set off a whole sequence of events that just were, made my heart smile,” Jackson said.

The stranger, Matt Robertson, found it using a metal detector and tracked Jackson down using social media.

Missing Class Ring Food Pantry Donations

She wanted to reward him, but he declined.

Instead, Jackson agreed to make a donation in his honor to a charity of his choice.

Robertson chose Brazosport Cares.

Missing Class Ring Food Pantry Donations

“Sherry Jackson said that she picked $1,200 because 12 is her favorite number which I thought was really cool that she kind of made it personal to her. $1,200 will feed 1,967 individuals,” Larson said.

Also, Larson said Jackson’s husband was moved by the acts of kindness that he’s also agreed to match his wife’s donation.

“My heart is so happy and smiling so big that all of this. I hope it continues to go forward, but so far, it has been one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me,” Jackson said.

It’s a feeling being shared by those at the food pantry.

“It was one of those feel-good stories that I really needed, not only today or this week, or this month ... probably for my lifetime,” Larson said.

The Brazosport Cares Food Pantry is located at 916 N. Gulf Blvd. in Freeport.

Their number is 979-239-1225.

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