The famous golden arches serve as big beacons that hundreds of hungry customers are drawn to everyday.

But when an off-duty Brenham police officer tried to eat at the location off Highway 290 with his two kids, an employee denied him service, simply because he's an officer.

"Nobody deserves to be treated like that," said Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman.

Another worker ultimately did the right thing and served the officer and his family, but the incident started spreading on social media.

"We know that these problems exist everywhere, but we did not expect that here," said Goodman.

McDonald's customers weren't happy, either.

"It's beyond disrespectful, it's anti-American," said Gloria.

"The same lady that refused the officer, if someone breaks into her house, who is she going to call?" HC Troxler said.

The officer brought the incident up to his captain. They contacted McDonald's and the restaurant didn't waste much time.

"They, much like a police organization, looked at what took place, and after gathering the information, they came to the right decision and that employee no longer works for their business," said Goodman.

Goodman says the female worker's son was already in custody and facing serious charges. He believes that may be part of the fuel that sparked her negative feelings towards police.

"He's disappointed in what happened, mainly because his kids were with him," said Goodman.

The officer at the center of it all is opting to not be identified, but Goodman says he's one of the department’s best and a former Marine. He's hoping what happened at the iconic fast food restaurant can teach bigger lessons.

Goodman is urging the community to accept McDonald's apology, move forward and continue supporting a local restaurant that has always backed the blue.

"We're not judging McDonalds and their employees based on the action of this one worker," said Goodman. "Just like we ask the community and the country not judge our police officers because other officers make bad decisions."