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'Is that what it takes?' | Frustrated Acres Homes resident wonders why it took a FB post to get a massive sinkhole repaired

Neighbor Authur Carr tagged KHOU 11 News in a Facebook post calling attention to the 16-foot sinkhole.

HOUSTON — While driving down Paul Quinn Street in Houston's Acres Homes neighborhood, Authur Carr said he noticed what looked like a typical Houston pothole.

That was seven months ago.

"It started out about a foot across," he said.

Now, that hole stretches 16 feet across and about 8 to 10 feet deep.

"It's a hole to hell," Carr said. "A hole to hell for anybody’s car who has to come through here, anybody who has an emergency if an ambulance has to get through here."

Frustrated, Carr shared an imaginative Facebook post.

"(I wrote) a winged beast came up and just flew out of the hole and grabbed an entire family in a 2019 Chevy Tahoe," he said.

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In that post, Carr tagged local leaders, hoping for answers.

"This would not have happened in River Oaks. This would not happen in the Heights. It wouldn’t happen in Memorial Villages," he said. "But here in friendly Acres Homes, the city has allowed the hole to hell to continue to grow."

When his initial post didn’t get results, Carr tagged KHOU 11 News and we did. City of Houston Public Works told KHOU 11 the first 311 calls came in earlier this month. (That's where the barriers that have since fallen into the hole came from.) Crews returned to the hole on Tuesday to do more testing and get new video. That’s all going back to be analyzed by the Wastewater Team so they can figure out what exactly needs to be done.

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"Do I feel better? No," Carr said. "Did it really take a Facebook post with lots of tags, is that what it takes to get you to do your job?"

While KHOU 11 has confirmed work to repair the hole has started, there's not a clear timeline on when it should be completed.

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