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Raw video: Deaf dog rescued after falling into 50-foot deep ravine

Needham and The Woodlands fire crews worked to rescue the man and his dog.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — On Sunday morning, crews worked to rescue a man and his dog who were both stranded at the bottom of a deep ravine in Montgomery County.

Just after 10 a.m., the Needham Fire Department was dispatched to a call in the Lake Creek Forest subdivision after a 63-year-old man and a dog were stranded at the bottom of a 50-foot deep ravine.

When crews got to the scene, they found the man, who was not injured, but he wasn't able to get out on his own. His dog was injured.

Needham FD called The Woodlands Fire Department for assistance and the man and his dog were brought up safely.

The dog was taken to a local emergency animal hospital.

Authorities said the man was Chad McManus and the ravine is on his property. They said his 15-year-old dog, Sandi, is deaf and has hip issues. They believe she got through an opening in the fence and fell into the ravine on Friday night.

McManus said there was a large group of people who were going to search for Sandi on Sunday afternoon. He decided to check the ravine before the search started and found Sandi, injured and severely dehydrated, at the bottom.

He insisted Sandi be rescued first because she needed medical assistance. He was pulled from the ravine afterward.

Credit: Needham FD