HOUSTON - A man died overnight while being subdued after he allegedly assaulted two women.

According to HPD Detective Christopher Elder, around 8:45 p.m. Saturday, a man approached a woman on Corporate and Beechnut and began to assault her. Elder said the man repeatedly punched her, threw her on the ground and kicked her. She was transported to the hospital and is expected to be fine.

A second woman was crossing the street when the man approached and assaulted her as well. She was able to leave the scene before police arrived.

The man was then confronted by three men. After a verbal exchange, the man attacked one of the three men and a fight ensued, according to police.

Based on video footage, police do not believe any excessive force was used. After the initial scuffle, the three men tried to restrain the man, as he was still continuing to try to fight.

Once the men got off of him, witnesses say he stopped moving and they called 911. The three men were not on scene when police arrived. Police would like to speak with them for the investigation.

Police describe the deceased as a black man in his mid-30's, 160-170 lbs. and approximately 5'8". Police do not believe weapons were used. The man did not have any stab or gunshot wounds and it is unclear how exactly the man died.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.