HUMBLE, Texas - An Humble woman who caught a stranger taking pictures of her as she changed in a dressing room is speaking out in hopes of finding the peeping tom.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies confirm the incident happened at the Old Navy off West Lake Houston Parkway Saturday.

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Bethany Anguiano says she was changing when she saw his hand and phone reach over the top of the dressing room.

“I immediately yanked open my door, pants undone and everything,” Anguiano said, “and opened his door to see him come off the wall.”

Anguiano says without even thinking, she confronted him.

“How dare you!” she said. “What gives you the right to do that?”

She then grabbed his phone while others looked on.

“I opened it up, and there I was. I was the first picture. I was mortified, and I just don’t understand what goes through people’s minds when they are doing things like this.”

While the manager called deputies, the suspect was able to grab his phone back and run off.

“I think what’s really unnerving, and more upsetting even, is that my photos were still on his phone. Other photos of whoever are still on his phone, and he was able to get away with it," she said. "I fought at the moment, but what am I going to do if I see my body on the screen?”

Anguiano believes the incident could have been prevented if the store had a dressing room attendant.

KHOU reached out to Old Navy for a statement on Thursday evening, but we have not heard back.

Anguiano is telling her story not only get the peeping tom arrested, but to send him a message.

“You have messed with the wrong female, and you will pay for it. I’m not going to let him get the best of me. If anything, I will get the best of him," she said.

Deputies say the suspect is believed to be of Hispanic decent, 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-7 and may have vitiligo around his mouth. Vitiligo is a condition that leads to the loss of pigment.

If you recognize the suspect, call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.