EDNA, Texas — Ninety miles south of where the world last saw a glimpse of Maleah Davis, strangers in the town of Edna, Texas decided to help Maleah rest in peace.

"It really hit home for all of us," said Courtney Sublett of SoulShine Industries. "This little girl went through a lot. It was really heavy on our hearts. We wanted to do something special for her."

SoulShine Industries has made thousands of custom caskets, but this one was a struggle. 

"This has probably been one of the most difficult caskets we've ever done here emotionally," Sublett said. 

They designed a tiny casket with everything Maleah loved. 

"Top to bottom it was all Maleah," said Randy Figirova. 

The casket was painted in bright colors, lots of pink, and of course plenty of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. That was her favorite. Everything had to be perfect.

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"I kind of felt her spirit was here helping us out," Figirova said.

When it was done, tears fell. 

"Sad story, sad story, but we took care of her," Figirova said.

And on Wednesday afternoon, they drove it up to Houston and presented it as a gift to Maleah's family. 

"Once they saw the casket you could see a weight lifted off their shoulders," said Sublett. "She deserved something beautiful. She deserved something that she loved."

Saturday is that painful final goodbye. SoulShine Industries hoping this small gift makes it just a bit easier.


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