HOUSTON — Derion Vence's defense attorney has filed a subpoena for Quanell X's cell phone records. 

After meeting with Derion Vence in jail, Quanell got the information everyone was waiting for. He led investigators to Maleah's body off the side of the road in Arkansas.

"I think he has to cooperate," said KHOU legal analyst Gerald Treece.

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Treece says the defense wants to call into question the reported confession Quanell obtained from Vence. Cell phone records could prove if Quanell was sent to talk to Vence by police.

"I'm sure the defense lawyer is upset that the statement was made, and that's why he's going after the statement," said Treece.

Cotlar isn't answering questions, but the legal maneuvering continues. 

Wednesday morning, a court order filed for Vence to undergo a mental health or intellectual disability assessment.

"Can this guy even assist in his own defense or is he so out of it that he doesn't even know what he's doing," said Treece.

Treece cautioned that this doesn't mean attorney's are going to be pursuing an insanity defense. The legal battles Treece says are only getting started.

"Defense lawyers are very creative with motions," said Treece. "This is just the beginning of these creative motions."

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There is so much publicity worldwide surrounding Maleah.

"A friend of mine just came back from Europe and it's on their TV over there," said Treece.

Treece predicts down the road the defense could even file a motion to move Vence's trial out of Harris County.