FULTONDALE, Ala. — FULTON, Ark. (KSLA) - The Arkansas Highway Commission has unanimously approved a proposal to rename a Hempstead County bridge in honor of Maleah Davis. 

It will be called the “Maleah Davis Memorial Bridge," according to KLSA. 

Remains of the 4-year-old from Houston were found near the bridge in Fulton, Arkansas on May 31.

“This baby was left on the side of the road not 500 feet from [the bridge]. A cruel thing happened to her in our county,” said Sheriff James Singleton, who helped lead the renaming effort. 

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The Arkansas Department of Transportation says it usually takes much longer for naming requests to be approved.

“This is one that the commission felt strongly about and was happy to do so,” said spokesperson Danny Straessle. Straessle says it’s now up to the County to design and purchase signs for the bridge.

Sheriff Singleton aims to get that done as soon as possible.