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'Lucky' Rudy’s Stop & Shop boasts new lottery drive-thru

Lucky Rudy's has long been the place that people go to buy their lottery tickets, believing it's the luckiest.

ROSENBERG, Texas - The No. 1 lottery seller in Texas now includes a drive-thru lottery window.

Lucky Rudy’s in Rosenberg opened its new store this past fall, and the store says it’s the only lottery drive-thru in the area and maybe even all of Texas.

"Lucky" Rudy’s has long been the place that people go to buy their lottery tickets, believing it’s the luckiest.

Rudy’s has had plenty of winners, including a million-dollar scratch off jackpot in October. Hundreds of past winning tickets deck a full wall as decoration and reminders that people win at this store.

“Everybody up there is somebody that has one something,” said customer Charlie Cook, a truck driver from New Orleans who stops a Rudy’s when he comes through. “If it’s from $50 to $1 million.”

“We came from Wharton to buy the winning lotto ticket so we don’t have to work anymore today...or forever,” said Louis and JoAnn Marshall. “Because it’s the lucky store there is. Rudy’s is number one!”

Rudy’s is located at 3326 Avenue I, in Rosenberg. It’s their second location.

The store recently moved to make more space for customers, who often must wait in long lines when there’s a big jackpot.

The new location includes the drive-thru lottery window, which seems to be a big hit for customers.

“Hey, if I can win sitting in my car, I am for it, you know? Give it to me and let me keep on rolling to Austin,” Marshall said.

“Just like a McDonald’s or fast food, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. Easy access,” Cook said.